Web Hosting

WebEngrave provides affordable web hosting services. We operate on a wide range of servers that support shared web hosting and VPS dedicated hosting for various personal and business requirements.

If you wish to publish your own website, you have to hire a Web hosting service. Discovering a Web host won’t be too tough as there are loads of services are accessible. But, finding the Best Web hosting company as per your requirements will be difficult. Whether you are launching your first website or you are a web developer by profession, WebEngrave is here to help you constantly with all features of your web hosting experience.

The Web host you select should be capable to give good technical support. WebEngrave offers Web Hosting in Dubai to meet all your hosting needs. We provide top quality and affordable Web Hosting in UAE for companies of any sizes. Host your website with us, the best Web hosting company in UAE and experience the supreme service and support.

Our full-fledged servers operate on both Windows and Linux environments with high processing capability and huge RAM capacity to meet any kind of user requirements. If a user needs any assistance on setting up their hosting account or getting any kind of difficulties on the service, our support team will help you to resolve the issue completely.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the service that allows your website available to be seen by others on the Internet. A Web host can be an Internet service provider or organizations that explicitly offer a Web hosting service. The hosted websites are stored in servers. So, Web host keeps every page of your site and makes them accessible to devices attached to the Internet. After the website is made obtainable on the internet, it can be retrieved by other computers connected to the internet.

Web hosting is normally done in a data center, like the Dubai data center. There are loads of web hosting services obtainable nowadays. Among them, WebEngrave provides the following hosting types:

  • Shared Hosting

Shared hosting lets multiple websites to use a single server. It is the most common and cheap form of website hosting which helps small businesses to create an online presence. WebEngrave offers numerous affordable shared hosting services for your website requirements. Linux shared hosting and Windows shared hosting are common shared hosting solutions we offer. It totally depends on the type of coding language and development platform you choose for the website.

We guarantee 99.9% uptime and unlimited bandwidth. WebEngrave delivers free SSL from Comodo SSL and Lets Encrypt SSL. When a company installs the SSL certificate onto its web server, it actually makes a secure session with browsers. SSL secures the logins, data transfer, credit card transactions, and more. It restricts your users from getting mislead by other websites that act as a duplicate copy of your website. We also help with CPanel hosting. It is the widespread management system for web hosting with loads of useful features like business mail hosting, file management, etc. The CPanel includes 3 tiers that aids managers, resellers, and users to have control over numerous features of the website.

  • Reseller Hosting

Reseller web hosting includes a hosting provider who rents the hard drive space and bandwidth to another company who again rents the drive space and bandwidth to third parties. Web server providers in the UAE can host and handle all the client’s websites with one Reseller Hosting package without managing numerous shared hosting packages. Here clients can launch their business letting them be Web hosts themselves.

  • VPS Hosting

A VPS hosting environment imitates the dedicated server inside a shared hosting environment. The hosting gives you a virtual server that fakes a physical server, though actually the machine is shared among various users. Although the physical server is shared, there is an element of privacy with services. The virtual server you are utilizing will be limited only for you.

  • Dedicated Server Hosting

In this web hosting, the business rents a full computer server with internet access from a data center. A dedicated server is a solitary computer in a network kept for serving the requirements of the network. It can host large websites with higher traffic. Your customers get full control of the server which permits them to configure it to accomplish their own desires.

WebEngrave offers dedicated IP. You can consume shared IPs on a dedicated server if you host several sites on one server. Also, you can have dedicated IPs directing to sites on a shared hosting server. Because a domain name and IP address are attached. Thus, if you type in your IP address it will lead you straight to your website.

Need for Web Hosting

If you want to see your website working and live on the Internet, you have to host it on a server. So there will be a need for a web hosting service. Once any UAE hosting company launches your website, users can access it. WebEngrave delivers website migration services as well. We move your website among any two web hosts offering no downtime. We can seamlessly move the site without creating a negative effect on your website.

How to choose the best Web Hosting?

There are numerous factors to consider when searching for a web host. Some important factors are the following:

  • Cost: The type and length of the hosting plan affect the price. There may be offers like free trial period etc.
  • Tech Support: A hosting provider should be accessible for any kind of tech support at any time. Don’t select a host until you know accurately what support they provide.
  • Reliability: It is based on the web host’s uptime and speed. The more downtime your website has, probabilities are less to achieve the trust of your target audience
  • Type: Whether it is a dedicated server or a shared one, the server specification is a key factor in the performance of a site
  • Security: Any hosting solution you choose should prove it is secure and protected from hackers and other attacks