SMS Marketing

SMS or text messages are one of the easiest modes of communication. SMS Marketing Dubai involves businesses sending text messages to like some special announcements, promotional content, coupons to their target audience. SMS marketing is highly effective to reach an audience in today’s world the use of mobile phones is very high. People have a high tendency to look at a mobile phone. So an interesting text message would create an imprint in the person’s mind. The statistics for SMS marketing Dubai are very efficient compared to other forms. Another advantage of text messages is that they have an instant reach to a wider range of people.

People bring their smartphones with them all over the place. As more marketing brands plan to target clients on the move, SMS is becoming a crucial part of successful multi-channel marketing. Though email marketing has proved to be an ancient and popular form of marketing, many users have exchanged it to the latest option with the arrival of SMS marketing. You can engage users offline with tailored messages to make smooth brand experiences. From target setup to message scheduling, and to final reporting, WebEngrave does it all with few clicks.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing (Short Message Service Marketing) is a method that sends promotional campaigns or short messages with the intention of marketing using text messages. It is parallel to an email campaign, yet is quicker and easier to generate because it needs no time and hectic work except an initial campaign to catch your client’s numbers and a 160 character message. These short texts are typically meant to interact with timely updates, offers, and reminders to people who have agreed to obtain these messages from your business.

SMS Marketing Company Dubai

SMS Marketing UAE is extremely effective since messages are likely to be opened within a fraction of minutes. This lets mass text messaging a great way to link and deliver alerts, contests, offers, and coupons. However, we offer SMS marketing Dubai to ensure that our clients are not potentially lost communications with their consumers.

Webengrave Digital Marketing Company creates bulk SMS Marketing strategies aid you promote your product, services, and business to your clients with comfort. WebEngrave sends every offer, service, coupon, to your customers on mobile as per the request.

The Relevance of SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a cost-effective and practical approach to target your potential clients on mobile. Because the readability chances are exceptionally high. As SMS service providers, we guarantee to provide bulk messages to persons who have requested to get updates from you. Because we know that disruptive texting will badly affect a business’s growth.

SMS Marketing is a big chance for businesses to connect with persons from diverse geographic locations anytime anywhere. It can help to raise customer engagement, market products and services, or bring alerts and reminders to your viewers. Clienteles would be able to distinguish your brand in a better manner if they are updated regularly about the product and service information. But in email marketing, chances are high to get the rejection from customers as they consider it as another promotional mail.

Segment your viewers to confirm that everyone gets significant and valuable content. Setup bulk messages for sales and promotions that everybody could operate. Just a follow-up SMS enquiring “have you read our email?” can benefit email open rates more. You can provide free shipping or promo code to new visitors and notify them about the new products, discounts, etc. to existing customers for giving every user a personalized experience.

We use SMS marketing as a powerful tool in our 360-degree marketing stack. Our strategists will create custom drip campaigns based on the actions taken by the users in different marketing channels and use SMS marketing as a medium to nurture the prospects. It is also a powerful tool to reach customers directly on a location-based or demographic-based marketing