Influence of Social Media in the United Arab Emirates

What launched as a platform that abetted friends connect with each other, has now developed into the core of our existence. The nonstop progress of social media in the Arab region has enabled innovations by individuals, made new prospects and new social movements by Arab societies.

Facebook is the principal social network all over the province. Yet again, the UAE realizes striking penetration with the service beating more than 35% of the population. Besides studying patterns, examples, and the type of practice of social media platforms in the Arab area, it made an impact on education and life-long learning in the region.

Emiratis spend average time on social media like others in different parts of the world.  The daily internet usage for social media in the UAE has become a habit. Truly, it has given a chance to the unnoticed ideas and talents of all kinds. In a move to standardize the rising online world of paid social media, UAE’s National Media Council (NMC) has approved some latest guidelines counting a media license for influencers, for the nation’s growing influencer industry. The massive evolution of social media derived a set of new jobs, including a ground-breaking opportunity for several people who would shortly become social media Influencers.

Social media influencers will fit a similar group as magazines and media that increase income from advertising. The games, recruitment, work, opportunities and most significantly advertisement and promotions are integrated with the social media platform. The data we post, comment, the pictures we demonstrate, and etc. shows our identity to the world.  Knowingly or unknowingly, it can make a boom sometimes.

Influence on Students and Youth


influence of social media on youth

Social media usage is measured as one of the common actions among undergraduates that could influence their everyday lives. Similar to YouTube in Saudi Arabia, both Instagram and Snapchat have mainly occupied the UAE.

A great percentage of Instagram’s users are young people, mainly teens. The more posts a particular account has, the more it draw followers. A perfect social media marketing strategy grabs the eagerness of the youth. There are so many ads too. These run ahead of videos. Ads are familiar to everyone like Facebook ads, YouTube ads, etc. But, it will not affect the evaluation of a brand.

The blast in YouTube usage is because of the dominance of fast internet connectivity. Replacing images with videos attract more visitors, likes, shares, and communication. WhatsApp’s readiness to keep refashioning its product, presenting different experiences and updates to its consumers. This is the cause that it has crushed all similar competitors and made a unique place among other chat apps. Instead of prohibiting students from using social media at their age, make them capable to use the advantage of the technology.

Influence on Residents


influence of social media on residents

60% of the residents select their purchasing decision from Fashion & Beauty influencers. They search and select it from social media pages and groups. It can be a purchase of electronic devices, accessories, clothes, and more. People go for the best and most trendy option.

When it comes to food, the food delivery app wins. The foodies need to know what is the newest food and trending restaurant to try. They will rate, review and share such apps on social media. Now, UAE residents are struck with food bloggers. The celebrity chefs have also rated as trustworthy social influencers. Their YouTube videos also have a high number of subscribers.

During family meetings; members of the family seem carefully concentrated on their devices instead of interacting with their parents. Today, residents are making their online appointments for their needs, looking at the social media pages. It is easy as well as a speedy way to get things done.

Influence on Business



In the current world, the majority of businesses employ social media to improve their associations with clients. We all know that one of the main purposes of social media is sharing information and making it viral. Some kind of influencer marketing will also add to it. You have surely used the widespread social media services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google Plus, and more to promote the brand. Still, these are not the only advantages you can catch.

A complete and collaborative style guarantees the engagement of stakeholders which is essential for success. The possible benefits and the influences of both the public and the private sectors in the cities of the UAE province are huge. Social media delivers a new way to businesses that are interactive with the customers; it will completely convert the way of business.

Influence on Marketing


influence of social media on marketing

Social media drives how clients research, find and share details about products and services. In fact 60% of customers searching products through multiple online sources to know a specific brand or retailer through social networking sites. These commonly take place on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr. The social media users who are active will read product reviews online and rate them.

As for LinkedIn Marketing, you cannot review, comment or post any irrelevant content since it encourages relevant content. It is a social media platform for professionals. The LinkedIn business focuses on a community of people who are searching for precise content. Several companies now take these online opportunities seriously to find loads of openings and current updates regarding their field.

Reddit and Quora are common discussion sites. Quora concentrates on replying to the questions of users. While Reddit discusses everything from business and finance to sports scores. It shows a user’s interests. Social media simply work together with their interests.

In the UAE, opportunities are increasing day by day. People are making brand awareness with the help of social media. Unquestionably the trend leads to enhanced visibility of your product as well as business growth.

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