How do Google Remarketing Ads work?

Google remarketing

Google’s remarketing campaign lets businesses stay connected with their target audience even after they leave their website. Marketers show ads to them on other websites. Google Remarketing is also known as retargeting. It is a common form of digital marketing which is employed by marketers to serve ads to users who have visited their websites or pages. The method can also utilize for the ones who visited the site yet, haven’t taken any action. Google Retargeting allows you to position your ads in front of the audiences as they browse on Google. Google targeting helps you to increase your brand awareness or helps to remind the audience to make a purchase.  Google remarketing is also in the form of online marketing that allows you to stay connected with your target audiences.

With Google remarketing, you will get the chance to show ads later to the visitors of your website. You can simply reach your audience then. Everyone will have a similar situation like seeing the searched item on the Facebook news feed and other ad running sites. Google Retargeting is a good way to recall people who didn’t convert to a customer. A similar audience who has already expressed interest can also be targeted using the method.

Types of Google remarketing:

  • Standard Google Remarketing

In AdWords, this feature enables you to target past visitors. This kind of remarketing includes showing display ads to past visitors. Because they visit numerous sites and apps that are part of the Google Display Network. If a person has searched for restaurants and then he moved onto Facebook, the restaurant ads will still be presented to that person. Google remarketing helps you to make a user familiar with your branding and convert them to a customer.

  • Dynamic Google Remarketing

Google Retargeting allows you to show ads on the Display Network to past visitors as well as display products they have watched during their previous visit. Google Retargeting shows dynamic ads to custom audiences and the ads will be specific about products or services they watched on your website. So the created ad messages will be intended for website visitors targeting. The method increases their chances of coming back to your webpage.

  • Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Google Retargeting shows targeted ads when previous visitors conduct a search. The search network allows modifying the bids and ads to the viewers that have been on your website. As opposed to the display ads, the user gets a text ad on the search engine. Usually, this method is for users who leave your website and continue Google search to discover parallel solutions.

  • Video Google Remarketing

Video Google remarketing includes showing remarketing ads to the viewers who recently seen the videos. It can also be displayed to the custom affinity audience, to the one who has been on your website, checked out your YouTube channel, subscribed, liked, or commented on it.

The purpose of Google remarketing is to catch up with users and re-engage them in a try to fetch them back. So, it is an incredibly powerful method to increase ROI on your ad spend and keep your products and services in front of the people who already shown some interest in your business.

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