Google Adwords Management

Webengrave – Google Adwords Management

We offer the best services in Search Engine Marketing. SEM comes in handy when there is high competition to rank organically in search engines. Search Engine Marketing can help businesses outrank their competitors in very less time with a strategically planned paid ads campaign or PPC (PPC management Dubai). There are different advertising channels in paid ads but the most notable is Google ads campaigns (Google AdWords).

We at Webengrave Web Development Company Dubai help our clients with all the paid google ads procedures to bring in targeted traffic for a superior position in the search rankings. Our ads teams are not only confined to google ads. We also provide paid ads services for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo. We also provide Youtube advertising services for Dubai-based clients.

Choosing the right Platform

Partnering with Webengrave means you can display Ads on any search engine or platforms mentioned above for a set of chosen keywords that drives qualified leads and traffic. It offers special freedom for paying only when a user clicks on our ads. Webengrave had more than 5 years of experience in running Search Ad campaigns on locations in and around Dubai. We choose the Right platform and battle-tested strategies for our clients in different verticals. The choosing of platforms and campaign setup is totally different for different clients, We also use Display and remarketing ads for clients who need to convert their website visitors to qualified leads. And for e-commerce clients, we had created custom-built templates for running Google merchandise and Amazon ads to display the products directly on the search results itself. This is done using intense keyword research and finding insights from user intended searches of previous campaigns.

Our Workflow includes:
1. Creating Google AdWords accounts
2. Selecting the campaign structure and Target audience
3. Extensive keyword research.
4. Implementing tracking setup.
5. In-depth analysis of Ad budget recommendations.
6. Ad copy creation
7. Creation of landing pages
8. Final analysis and report generation