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Webengraves email hosting company runs multiple email servers that use high computing power with the latest technology processors to ensure faster and reliable email deliverability to our users. Email hosting is very affordable and eliminates the need for in-house email servers. Our email hosting platform is built for interoperability and cross-platform independency so every user can access their email from any platform like a desktop browser, mobile App, Tablets, Notebooks.

Several organizations send a bundle of emails to achieve their business targets. If you are running a small business, email hosting offers you all the features to grow. Explore a group of Email hosting services, features, and efficient tools from WebEngrave email hosting company will absolutely influence your business.

Need for Email Hosting and Domain

Email hosting company is a Web or Internet hosting service which lends as well as controls email servers. It is a dedicated email hosting service of giving email accounts for a domain and handling them together on email servers. Email hosting company service providers offer advanced email solutions and simplify business management for organizations. The capabilities of email hosting will increase email reliability, email security, team collaboration, and email uptime for helping businesses effectively manages the organization. The email hosting company can minimize your email security risks, improve uptime, improve email deliverability, reduce the workload for your IT team for easily managing business email. Our secure business email hosting company supports two-step verification with either an app installed on your phone or a code sent by SMS for more security. Our email hosting company provides expandable storage, excellent security, flexible customization, and fast speed and 100% uptime, and professional support.

Email hosting services are typically premium services that vary from the normal free webmail sites like Google, Yahoo, etc. This service acts individually from web hosting. Therefore your business can run deeply even though you’re setting everything up.

WebEngrave’s email hosting company not only lets your mail more professional but also boosts your brand value. A traditionally hosted business email address is seen in the format of ‘[email protected]’. The fact is that an email account with your business domain name will make professional communication and provide authority to your business.

Among all other isolated web hosting email services, G Suite sparkles. G Suite functions with your own domain name that lets you use Gmail to generate your professional branded email address. You can enjoy cloud email hosting here. WebEngrave email hosting company assures the management of G Suite and business email hosting since we want your clients to trust you.


Our email hosting company will be ultimate for all businesses and those who are searching for a consistent email solution that contains Webmail, IMAP, and POP3. Email hosts identify that IMAP is a more practical way to utilize email regardless of the way that it needs more resources. IMAP syncs the mail server to the software on your device and permits you to see the mail, but the email remains with the server. POP3 downloads email from the mail server and keeps it on your device. Email hosting company allows you to read an email when you are not online but some or every email downloaded may not obtainable on the server. Also, your customized email can be accessed through the webmail or can download via POP3 or IMAP directly into your device with the help of an e-mail client software.

As email providers, our email hosting company likewise ensures our email hosting servers comprise anti-spam and anti-virus protection for the greatest performance and security. WebEngrave Email hosting company maintains 99.9% Uptime. The high percentage of uptime shows that our servers stay up and running. Accordingly, any site you host with them will remain up and running as well. There will not be a chance of frozen emails in the queue, performance degrades and spamming, etc. Email hosting company promises to provide trouble-free services. For getting a fast website, email hosting company use an SSD VPS server which is a cloud-based solution and is made for speed. It is a highly stable solution to deliver VPS email hosting as well. So, you can enjoy a high-performance VPS cloud server and cloud hosting services with WebEngrave email hosting company.